COVID-19 Update from OLH

Oxford Lindy Hoppers have decided to go on hiatus for a little while. Social distancing is what we can all do to help flatten the curve of the pandemic and not overwork our health services, so we’re not running our regular classes & socials for the foreseeable future.

What does that mean?
NO Swing Fix
NO Blues Fix
NO Cowley Cotton Club
NO April Hop the Hall
We will review the situation around Easter to see where we’re at then, since the situation changes on a daily basis.

Think without dancing you might go mad?
We feel you but we will get through this. We can still dance at home or out in fresh air, as long as we keep a distance and take the necessary hygienic precautions. If you’re lucky enough to live with other dancers, swing out in your kitchen! Also, solo dancing is great and if improvisation isn’t so much your thing, there are plenty of great routines you can learn.

What else can we do?
* Get into the music! Not being able to go out dancing is a great opportunity to dig deep into the music and the artists who created it. This will give your dancing a boost once you’re back on the dance floor and you might even get into DJing!

* Learn about the origins of swing dancing and African American culture – there is so much to explore! Ask us for recommendations if you don’t know where to start.

* Call your friends who you would usually meet dancing and chat. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation! It’s important to support each other.

* Support full-time teachers and musicians: Since many events are being cancelled, full-time instructors and musicians are facing tough times. You can support them by taking virtual private classes or buying their records digitally. There are also plenty of fundraisers going on to support these artists, so if you have a few spare coins (e.g. from not going to Swing Fix or CCC), throw them their way.

* If your booked events get cancelled, be patient and kind to the organisers. If you can afford it, consider donating your ticket money. As you can imagine, this is financially devastating for many organisers but they will try their best to refund where they can.

Stay tuned, stay healthy and WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Your OLH team