Big Apple Workshop!

Big Apple Workshop!


Surprisingly not named after New York City, the Big Apple was a fun and frenzied dance of the 1930s. Born in the Afro-American community in South Carolina, it swept the nation and a fabulous verison was immortalised by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the film “Keep Punching” in 1939. This version has become a favourite of modern lindy hoppers.If you’ve mastered the Shim Sham and the Tranky Doo and are up for a new challenge, then this workshop is for you!Where: St. Margaret’s Institute, Polstead Road, Oxford (where we have Hop the Hall)

When: Saturday 4th June 2022 10:15am-4:45pm

How much: £10

We’ll be running the workshop over the whole day with a break for lunch and plenty of stops for water/snacks. It is quite energetic so please bring a water bottle and possibly fan, towel and spare T-shirt or 2