Shag Tuesdays return to Swing Fix!

We are delighted to announce that from 7th February Collegiate Shag will be returning to Oxford.  You can book the full course in advance or join us on the night! 

What? fun and friendly collegiate shag classes (please see details below)
When? Tuesdays 7-8pm from 7th Feb

Where? St. Columba’s Hall, entrance on Blue Boar St. through the Bear pub garden
How much? £7 per class, £25 all 4 weeks (includes entry to Swing Fix Social from 21:00), £37 (including Swing Basics and the Social)


Starting from 7 February, Swing Basics will begin at the new time of 8pm with the Shag Tuesday classes beginning at 7pm.  Please note the new time or even better join us at 7pm for the exciting new class! 


What is Collegiate Shag?

Collegiate Shag is one of the many excellent branches of the swing dance family, fast, fun and furious … well, it’s probably easiest just to show you 😊

Will the classes be beginner friendly?

Absolutely. Weeks 1 and 2 will focus on the fundamentals for people who are completely new to collegiate shag or want to revise their basics. 

How about if I’ve done some shag before?

Weeks 3 and 4 will build on the foundations introducing new moves and footwork variations. They’ll be suitable for anyone who has done weeks 1 and 2 and/or previously a shag fast track course (please see details of class content below)

Do I need to book in advance?

We will be running the 4 week block as a progressive course so if you’re new to shag, we would recommend doing all 4 weeks and there is a discount for booking the block. If you’ve done some shag before or are comfortable with picking up new material quickly then you’re welcome to drop in as well.

Please note that we accept card payments or pre-booking only. Oxford Lindy Hoppers has a no questions asked COVID 19 refund policy for anyone who has tested positive or required to isolate.

What if I want to do the Swing Basics class as well?

Everyone is of course very welcome to stay for the Swing Basics class which runs from 8-9pm and we will be offering a discounted rate of £3 per class (i.e. £10 for Shag + Swing Basics).

When can I practice?

The Swing Fix social runs from 9-10:15pm and we’ll be playing plenty of tunes suitable for both shag and lindy.

What should I wear?

Shag is quite energetic so we recommend soft comfortable shoes (e.g. light trainers) and light comfortable clothes. It is January but a change of T-shirt and a towel might still come in handy!

Why is it only 4 weeks?

We’re trialing the format for now but very much hope to continue running Collegiate Shag classes and potentially also blocks of other dances such as St. Louis Shag, Blues and Balboa.  

What are you going to teach?

Below is the plan for the classes. We may add or change a few of the moves depending on numbers and experience.

Weeks 1 – Fundamentals I

Basic rhythm, posture and hold

Transitioning between open and closed positions

Moves: underarm and mirror turns

Week 2 – Fundamentals II

Side by side position and footwork

Transitioning between closed and side by side position and back

Moves: tuck turn, sailor step, in’n’out kicks

Week 3 – Breaks

Fitting 6 and 8 count moves to the music

Moves: Jellyfish, Cross kicks, Collegiate kicks, Camel hops (more if there’s time!)

Week 4 – Shag outs

Basic shag out and variations