New Shag Fast Track Jun-Jul 2023

Did someone say Shag?! come and fix any withdrawal symptoms from OLX with us on Tuesday with a double bill of Collegiate Shag as we launch our new Fast Track

Week 1
7pm – Refresher session: This is aimed at everyone who’s done the fast track before and/or some tasters to get us all back up to speed. We’ll look at the different dance holds and foot work, some breaks and review some moves.
8pm – Swing Basics – Beginners’ shag: if you’ve never tried shag before and/or are feeling a bit rusty and/or can’t think of a better way of spending 2 hours 🙂 then this is the class for you. Everyone welcome! including (especially!) brand new dancers

In Weeks 2 and 3 we’ll be looking at lots of fun new breaks and moves and how to dance over 200 bpm without breaking a sweat! (well, ok that might be optimistic in the summer but at least without needing oxygen after a couple of songs)