Safer Spaces Policy

Safer Spaces Policy Introduction

Oxford Lindy Hoppers are committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy our events in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. Our Safer Spaces Policy describes our values and commitment to these principles.

We believe that we all share a responsibility to create an environment that reflects the joy of the dance, and to support our fellow dancers. We therefore request that you read and abide by our safer space policy.

Swing dancing is a social activity, and everyone in the community is responsible for keeping the events and classes free of harassment and unacceptable behaviour. Oxford Lindy Hoppers is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for attendees of our events, regardless of your abilities, background, orientation, appearance or identification. Every dancer has the right to choose their dance role, consent to a dance, or respectfully decline a dance as they see fit without intervention from others. Any dancer violating this right of others will be asked to leave. 

Please raise any concerns with the safety officers – Kat Warren, Aditya Sadhoo and Reanica Wong – otherwise the person in charge of the event or teaching staff.

Any reports made will be treated with sensitivity and all details will remain confidential unless disclosure is required by law. We also promise to take action as and when necessary.  
You can read Oxford Lindy Hoppers’ privacy policy on our website.    

S.T.E.P.S Code of Conduct

S.T.E.P.S. (updated January 2024)


This code emerged from the collaboration of a number of swing dance organisations in the UK. It is intended as a point of reference for dancers who may need to find redress, and as a way for scene leaders to be held accountable.

Oxford Lindy Hoppers has signed up to the S.T.E.P.S. code of conduct and related procedures. The following guidelines apply to all team members, contractors and attendees of its events.

We aim to be a welcoming, supportive and friendly organisation. We acknowledge that instances of inappropriate behaviour sometimes happen, and wish to deal with these appropriately. This document is designed to acknowledge that we all have a responsibility to build safety and inclusivity into events, and to contribute to the wellbeing of the whole community. We love to dance, and we want you to love it too!

We will be NICE to everyone and treat all people with due respect.

We will not discriminate according to sex, gender expression or sexual orientation, nor race, religion, or nationality. We will treat everyone fairly, regardless of age, disability, neurodivergence, physical appearance, lifestyle, dance experience or dance role.

We will be RESPONSIBLE for our own physical safety and that of others nearby.

We will practise safe floor-craft and say sorry if we accidentally bump into another person. We will not offer unsolicited advice or instruction, dip our partner without consent, or perform aerials on the social floor. If drinking alcohol, we won’t drink to excess or needlessly endanger ourselves, nor our partners.

We will be RESPECTFUL and acknowledge that the personal boundaries of others may not be the same as our own.

We will be mindful of the appropriateness of language that some may find offensive. We will not touch anyone without consent and we will apologise immediately if we unintentionally touch someone inappropriately.

We TRUST that all reports of inappropriate behaviour will be taken seriously. 

We expect that failure to comply with this code, or participating in any kind of verbal, physical or sexual abuse will be dealt with. This may result in proportionate consequences, including, but not limited to, being asked to leave without refund; and exclusion from future events, both locally and further afield. Information regarding actions taken may be shared with other members of our wider community.

We will be INCLUSIVE and encourage each other to dance, and we will be gracious in turning down or being turned down for a dance.

We may say no without giving a reason, but we will be polite when doing so.

We will take CARE of our own personal hygiene.

We’ll bring towels, spare clothing and deodorant if necessary. We will wear appropriate footwear and choose clothing accessories etc. with everybody’s comfort in mind.

Team members will PROMISE to take all reasonable steps to ensure that any report of inappropriate behaviour is treated with sensitivity and respect.

We encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed intimidating or inappropriate behaviour to tell an organiser.

At Oxford Lindy Hoppers your safety officers are Kat Warren, Aditya Sadhoo and Reanica Wong. We are here for discussion and reassurance, not just formal reports – please tell us your concerns, however small they may be. You can also contact us via

As an attendee, if you feel that a concern has not been dealt with fairly, or you have a concern about an organiser, then this can be escalated to a representative of another participating organisation. The people named as points of contact for those organisations will happily provide support to anyone experiencing problematic behaviours in the wider swing dance scene. More information can be found on the S.T.E.P.S. website.