Swing Fix

Swing Fix

Swing Fix is an intimate but fun Swing social night for those of you that can’t keep off the dance floor!  There is a beginner-friendly class at 19:30 followed by social dancing until from 20:30 until 23:00.  Swing Fix is that chance for you to get yet more dancing into your week, and perhaps show a friend what this Lindy thing is all about!  The night finishes with a Blues half-hour and the infamous ‘survivors’ photo

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What should I expect at Swing Fix

  • A drop-in class suitable for beginners. You can come along any week and there is no need to bring a partner.
  • Social dancing 
  • Swing Fix is an informal night in an intimate space – make sure you are wearing something comfortable as it gets very warm! 
  • Please remember to do your COVID test on the same day before attending.

Swing Basics

There is a drop in Swing Basics class at 19:30 which introduces a different style or concept of Swing dancing every week. Is it Charleston, Lindy Hop or Shag this week? Check Facebook to find out what’s on.


We run occasional classes before Swing Basics from 18:30. This class is usually a Fast Track, or short course in another swing dance like Collegiate Shag and you’ll need to book in advance. Follow us on Facebook or check our event calendar for more details. 

Social Dancing

The classes are followed by social dancing from 20:30 until 22:30.  The night finishes with Blues and the survivors photo. 

How much does Swing Fix cost?

  • Swing Fix is £5 including the class and social dancing only is £3.
  • We accept pre booked tickets and card payments only. 

Where do I find Swing Fix?

Swing Fix is upstairs at the The Port Mahon, 82 St Clements, Oxford OX4 1AW.